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Dosa are admixture of lentils and rice grinder together soaked overnight .These breads are very popular in India especially amount southern parts.

  • £ 7.25
    Chicken/lamb dosa

    sharing starter , ice and pancakes filled with chicken or lamb potato masala

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    £ 4.95
    Thattu dosa

    A very local speciality of nadan Thattu kada (mobile tea shop) served worth sambar and chutney

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    £ 5.95
    Nair masala dosa

    The rice and lentil pancakes spread with spicy coconut chutney and filled with potato masala.

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    £ 5.75
    Plain dosa

    This is same as masala dosa but the bread and potato masala served separately and excellent starter to share.

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    £ 5.95
    Masala dosa

    The crispy thin bread made of lentils and rice and stuffed with potato masala served with sambar and chutneys